Saturday, October 4, 2008

Devious thoughts are contagious ...

The other day I was caught in a fire drill during a visit to an office. The evacuation was smart and efficient but the return to the building was anything but. The elevators were slow and one was out of service. And for some unknown reason the stairwells were locked so you couldn't reenter and climb up. People tried all kinds of routes to bypass the very long lines and find a quicker way in.

It turns out there was a a single out of the way elevator to the underground parking lot. So when I joined a small group that tried that approach, I wasn't really surprised when a few people had beaten us to it and formed a small line.

As I waited in line more people came around the corner to the secret entrance, the surprised and amused looks on their faces when they saw the rest of us in front was priceless.

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